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New real estate agency models bloom in spring

“From the outset, we knew that the way forward was to have one central database throughout the group. This is something other networks don’t do and would find near impossible to try to implement now.” Unlike franchises, where agents only tap into clients and listings within each franchise, Stone agents can access all properties and […]

The future of retail is everything being shoppable

Alibaba is the world’s largest retailer, selling more than Amazon and eBay combined to over 200 countries. And yet, it holds no inventory. It does no shipping or selling. Perhaps it’s defined best by what it doesn’t do. There is nothing new about platforms or marketplaces, but we’re seeing the world of retail start to […]

How Retailers Are Using ‘Coffee Shopping’ To Bring Customers In The Door

“Coffee-shopping” is a trend in China that’s disrupting the traditional brick and mortar retail experience. When customers are coffee-shopping, they peruse in-stock items on a tablet, rather than on the shelves and racks of a retailer. It’s so named for the social, cafe-like, atmosphere that’s designed to entice shoppers to spend time in physical locations. […]

Make shopping practical or an experience, don’t do both

A change is sweeping through retail and it’s not what everyone assumes it is. We may think the internet is changing shopping forever, and it certainly is, but another unspoken dynamic is everywhere – the bifurcation of retail. Every action has a reaction: a nation high from snacking on six-second videos also needs to binge-watch […]

Four Keys to Surviving the Future of Retail

For the first time in centuries, the role of the storefront is changing. How should companies adapt? There is no doubt that the Internet is changing the retail experience, and with it how we shop. Beloved stores are feeling the pressure of the prices and convenience e-commerce retailers offer. An ongoing study by IPG Media […]